The PayneGroup Numbering Assistant is a paragraph numbering utility that allows you to quickly add, modify and update automatic multi-level numbering schemes in Word documents.

The tool contains 30 preloaded schemes provided by PayneGroup that makes even the most complex numbering greatly simplified. Additionally, custom numbering schemes for various practice groups can be added upon request or individually tailored number schemes can be created and shared with others. The Numbering Assistant uses native Word functionality (heading styles linked to outline numbering) so you can easily share your numbering schemes with clients and others who may not use the software. You can even add multiple multi-level schemes within the same document and that goes for Tables of Contents too.

The Numbering Assistant ribbon includes helpful features to restart numbering, customize heading styles, apply sub-numbers, insert style separators, insert a table of contents, create table of contents style sets, and much more.

Once you’ve used Numbering Assistant, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.