Our Publications at a Glance

Sharing knowledge is very important at PayneGroup. We have a long history of authoring books, white papers, articles, courseware and more.
We have authored or co-authored numerous books on Microsoft Office including our best-selling Word for Law Firms series. In addition to our many published works, members of our publishing team regularly contribute articles to legal technology magazines, newsletters and other print and electronic media. You can view some of these articles by following the link to Articles under Publications on our website.


We write regularly for several publications and Donna Payne was a monthly contributor for Law Technology News (Test Drive column). In the past year, Donna Payne, Shirley Gorman, Tara Byers, Annette Sanders and others have contributed articles to ILTA Peer to Peer magazine. PayneGroup have many articles under the belt, and we have worked with organizations to ghost write with internal IT staff to compliment firm messaging.

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For a company that has authored multiple books, you would expect to find proficiency in delivering courseware that can be used in the classroom. Our licensable courseware is easy to read and digest, and is available in electronic format so it can be stored on an Intranet or printed. Courseware is available for Microsoft Office 2016 or for earlier versions as well as for all PayneGroup products. Courseware includes quick referene sheets all the way up to manuals that can be accessed online or in paper format. We also specialize in developing technical content that you can add to your learning management system of choice.


Our first book was authored in January 1996 when Donna Payne ended up being the lead author on an expert-level Excel book. After that, she and the company lobbied various publishers to sign the first Word for Law Firms book, at the time, Word 97 for Law Firms. PayneGroup has now authored 13 books on Microsoft Office and the newest book is Word 2013 for Law Firms. Since this version, we've made our materials available either as free downloads, or through various articles. It’s fair to say that we share our knowledge and are committed to doing so. Books, licensable courseware, and quick reference sheets become available as new products are released. Each book, like software, has a product lifecycle and once stock is depleted, may be discontinued. If you need to purchase a book that is out of stock or discontinued, we recommend checking on Amazon.com for used books. A few of our books include: