Office 2013 or Office 2016 Migration Roundtable

When new software is released, you might wonder whether the upgrade is right for your organization, and what, if any adjustments must be made to help you to have a successful migration. Adjustments may come in the form of group policy, option settings, configuration, cloud, styles, templates, macros and more. And we can’t forget about the question of compatibility – for your documents in collaboration, for macro code written in legacy versions, and for workflow.

The Microsoft Office Migration Roundtable is an onsite meeting that lasts two days and includes discussions on configuration, conversion, cloud options, styles, templates, and macros (even if non-Payne), training, support, deployment options, and everything you need to get started and to create a successful deployment plan.

The Office Customization Tool is used and the discussion includes Registry settings and group policy. To complete the service, you receive a detailed report and supporting tools to help lay the foundation for your Office 2013 or Office 2016 migration plan.

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