What are the basic requirements for Metadata Assistant v3 or v4?

There are three main requirements for using the Metadata Assistant. First, you must have Office 2007, 2010 or 2013 installed. The last two requirements are Microsoft components required on your system: Visual Studio 2010 for Office Run Time files and .NET Framework 4.0. If these components are missing from your computer at the time of installing the Metadata Assistant, our installer will load these for you.

I don't see Metadata Assistant version 3 on your website. Is this still available for purchase or support?

Version 3 is available to our existing Enterprise clients only. Support continues to be offered for version 3 for all clients. Existing and new Enterprise and Retail customers that try out Metadata Assistant v4 will immediately notice we now offer more features and cleaning capabilities than in previous versions. We encourage everyone to use v4 for the additional security and features.

Do we have to uninstall MA before installing an update?

Yes. It is recommended you always uninstall the older version before running the new installation package of the latest version.

Can the Metadata Assistant run on a terminal server or Xenapp Citrix server?

Yes. The only requirement is that Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Metadata Assistant be installed on the same server. Your system administrator will have to make the necessary updates (software/hardware/configurations) to manage user traffic.

During installation, I got an error that my file is not a supported Windows file?

This occurs if the installation file is run in an unsupported Windows version (Windows 97) or if the installation file was prepared before the final release of the next Windows version (Windows 8). In the alternative, the error may display if the installation file is damaged. Try downloading it again from the link provided to you.

If you are using Windows 8 and receive an error when executing the installation file, contact our office to get details on upgrading your license.

Can MA be installed or uninstalled silently?

Yes. For those installation packages that use the .msi format, you can utilize the standard Microsoft Windows Installer switches designed for this format (/qn, /qb, etc.). Refer to Microsoft's online documentation for the switches available for your version of your Windows Installer.

For an installation file in an .exe format, you can use the /s, /v and /qn switches. Contact us to receive a copy of our Installation Guide.

Are there any prerequisites to be aware of when upgrading to Office while I currently have Metadata Assistant installed?

Yes. The Metadata Assistant should always be removed from your computer prior to upgrading your Office version. Only after the Office upgrade is completed can you install the Metadata Assistant. Contact us to see if you qualify for an upgrade of Metadata Assistant version 3.1 or 4.0.

I don't see the "Find and Clean Metadata" option in the Backstage view of Word 2010. How can I get it back?

Check the Disabled Items list first. If it's not listed under Disabled Items, make sure that the COM Add-ins list shows the Metadata Assistant as an active add-in (File > Options > Add-Ins).

I had the Metadata Assistant Ribbon in Word 2007, but now it’s gone. How do I get it back?

If you are still using Office 2007, check your Disabled Items list in Word (Excel and PowerPoint).

However, if you are now using Office 2010 or Office 2013, the Metadata Assistant options have moved to the Backstage view. Click the File tab, open the Info pane. You will find the "Find and Clean Metadata" options towards the bottom of the Info page.

Does the Metadata Assistant offer a customization to only detect attachments that are sent to a recipient outside of our organization?

Yes. However this customization is only offered for Outlook. We currently do not offer this for Lotus Notes or Groupwise.

Does it make a difference the order in which installation of various products occurs? For example, I'm planning to integrate the Metadata Assistant with a document management systems (DMS). And what about other tools that don't integrate with the Metadata Assistant?

If choosing to integrate the Metadata Assitant with the supported DMSs or PDF converters, these must already exist on your computer before our installation begins. Further, if upgrading your DMS or PDF converter to a newer version or patch, it is highly recommended you uninstall the Metadata Assistant first. Once the upgrade is completed, you can then reinstall the Metadata Assistant and select the appropriate integrations.

When installing a PDF converter from Nuance, first install the converter, then follow this step with the Metadata Assistant installation.

Does Metadata Assistant support "Click-To-Run" or Office365 versions of Microsoft Office?

The supported versions for our products are as follows: Metadata Assistant version 4 supports Office 2007, 2010, 2013 (Enterprise, Home or Professional). Metadata Assistant version 3 supports Office 2003.